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jobberBase 2 jobberBase Rss v1.8

jobberBase 2 jobberBase Rss v1.8

These codes will work only for jobberBase version 1.8.
The purpose of this code is to enable jobberBase powered websites to get job listings from other jobberBase powered sites.
Make sure you are using jobberbase v1.8.
Once set up it fetches the jobs from jobberBase rss format into categories of your jobberBase powered site.
The code uses simplepie library to parse data.
This code was originaly developed for

If you are looking for code to import rss/xml feeds from sites other than jobberBase, click on the visit button below see what is currently available.

The best thing about this code (and simplepie in general) is that it could be applied to any database powered website (with some customization of course) for fetching new, relevant, regulary updated content by simply tapping into one or more rss feeds.

Have fun populating your site with rss feeds from other sites!

Important note for users of this software!

You may get in trouble if you use this software to pull large amounts of data into your database on shared hosting plans.

More related info can be found on wiki.

Get dedicated hosting or cloud hosting for your website to smoothly run this code.

Minimum 512 mb of dedicated ram for your site is recommended.

Version: 1.8
License: lgpl
Downloads: 1404
Hits: 5488
Size: 91kb
Compatibility: jobberbase v1.8
Date added: 04 Oct 2010, 13:56
Last Updated: 14 Nov 2010, 17:26
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