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Import Rss / Xml Feeds for jobberBase

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XML / RSS import into jobberBase

The jobberBase 2 jobberBase codes available from download section of this site enables hands free content updating for your jobberBase website. The code currently provided simply stores data contained in rss/xml feed into the database as any other job. You will have to make some adjustments to your job template files to provide a more intuitive way for jobseekers to find out more details about the jobs in question, primarily because jobberBase does not provide e-mail address in its rss feeds. This results in inability to apply for acquired jobs via your site. The jB2jB codes do fetch the original url of the job and store it as a link in the database. The link is accessible by clicking on the poster (company) name on the job page. This link should also be presented to the jobseeker at the end of the job post for ease of use.

To add this link after the job posting you can place a code like this in your template's job-details.tpl file, just before the "apply now code":

{if $job.url && $job.url != 'http://' && $job.apply_online == 0}
Visit {$} site to apply

You should definitely set up a cron job to update your site periodically, since this is how the code was designed to work.


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